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Let Insight Heal You

Let insight heal you. And free you.

Imagine a fish. 

It’s fast moving towards an attractive bait, which looks so irresistibly delicious. And that’s all the fish sees.

But what the fish doesn’t know is that there’s a hook hidden in the bait. As soon as it bites, it gets hooked, caught, and dead soon.

let insight heal you

The same is true with Robin, a long time mental health patient. He gets addicted to things that feels good for him – gay sex with strangers, even in public places.

He has the dreaded HIV virus now. The doctors prescribed heavy medicine to him. Yet he still continues chasing and craving for what he knows will destroy his body.

Just as there is a deadly hook hidden in the bait, there is tremendous danger in the object of Robin’s craving.

In psychotherapy sessions, Robin gains insights about himself in order to free himself. He knows the roots now of his addiction. He knows it will destroy him.

And yet he simply can’t let go. Despite seeing both the bait and the hook. It’s slow suicide. 

Insight heals. It cures. It frees. But it must be applied.

You must take time to understand yourself deeply.

Have insight on things you run after that seem desirable. Things like money, power, and sex—without realizing the danger in them.

Observe if your craving is destroying your body and mind as you chase after these things.

Understand why you still chase after those things even though you know how they harm you.

Just as there’s a hook hidden in the bait, there is danger hidden in the object of our craving. 

Once you can see the hook, whatever it is you are craving simply won’t be appealing anymore. And you will be free.

Let insight heal you. Let it cure and free your life.

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