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Be A Positive Person

Be a positive person.

Life smiles when you strive to be a positive person. It’s one of mental health’s precious secrets to a better life. You practice it and you’ll be ok whatever goes around or in you.

“I pity myself. My partner is ignoring me again. What can I do? I just walked out and got drunk,” said Tito during last night’s Zoom session.

Psychopathology and negativity often go together. When the mind is filled with negative stuff, life goes into a predictable downward spiral. 

It’s creator of depression, anxiety panic, addictions, obsessions, unmanageable impulses and cravings, hopelessness.

How do you cure yourself and be a positive person?

Look at some of these tips below so you can start practicing.

  1. Think before you open your mouth to say something;
  2. Always keep your mind flexible and open;
  3. Discuss rather than argue;
  4. Fill your mind with positive thoughts;
  5. Strive to use kind words when speaking to others;
  6. Be objective about criticism;
  7. Don’t focus on other people’s flaws and mistakes;
  8. Engage in physical exercises each day;
  9. Stay away from negative people and environments that drain you.
  10. Respect the feeling of other people around you.
  11. To be a positive person, you need to feed your self image.
be a positive person
Photo: Elizabeth Subida-Kikkawa with husband and grandson

Studies show that self image and being a positive person always go together.

Famous PsychoCybernetics founder and author, Dr. Maxwell Maltz once wrote,

“In your daily resolve to improve yourself, you find vitamins to fortify your self image. This will be a good day; your self image will flourish today. In setting your goals, you feed your self image. You give it a framework in which to function; you give it body and substance … When external pressures mount, you bring up positive internal strength to meet them: seeing in your mind your past successes.”

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