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Give Thanks for Life’s Impermanences

Give thanks for life’s impermanences.

Because of life’s impermanences, you can have hope in all things. No matter the circumstances you’re going through.

Let me tell you an old Chinese story. There once lived a Mr. Ly, a rural villager whose livelihood depended on his horse. 

One day his horse disappeared. It ran away. Then all his neighbors took pity on him: “How unlucky you are! What misfortune!” 

But Mr. Ly was not worried at all. “We’ll see,” he said. “We’ll see.” 

A few days later, his horse returned. And following it were several wild horses back with it. Mr Ly and his family were instantly very wealthy. 

“How lucky you are!” exclaimed the other villagers. “We’ll see,” replied Mr. Ly. “We’ll see.” 

Then one day his only son fell off from one of the wild horses and broke his leg. “What misfortune!” declared the neighbors again. “We’ll see,” said Mr. Ly. “We’ll see.” 

A few weeks later, the military commander and his soldiers passed through their village. They’re conscripting all able-bodied young men into the army. 

They did not take away Mr. Ly’s son, who was still recovering from his broken leg. “How lucky you are!” said his neighbors again. “We’ll see,” replied Mr. Ly. “We’ll see.” 

Impermanences in this earthly life have a good side. It’s not totally bad news. They’re capable of turning negative into positive.

Impermanences are just as capable of bringing about happiness as it is of bringing about suffering.

Because of impermanence, any pandemic or virus can be stopped and cured.

Because of impermanence, corrupt governments are subject to downfall.

Because of impermanence, your life can transform despite deep poverty, addictions, or family brokenness.

Thanks to impermanence, we can enjoy the wonder of the different seasons of life.

Thanks to impermanence, anything can change. Anything  can transform into a more beautiful or redemptive direction.

Give thanks for life’s impermanences. Discover the good in it and you’ll be at peace.

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