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Choose To Always Stay Positive

Choose to always stay positive. Your life, your whole well being, depends on it.

If you stay positive in a trauma or negative situation, you win.

As of this writing, the whole world is still reeling from the ongoing damage of the effects of the Coronavirus.

It can be so big a struggle or stretch for many to be able to choose to stay positive amid the realities of the pandemic.

We all need to practice being positive despite the pain of the losses and struggles we’re going through.

This inner positive though has a constant enemy: your inner negativity. Negativity is a killer of positives.

My client, Rowena, was always complaining and talking negatively about her life during sessions. She always felt “less than.”

She had a hard time noticing the positives that she does possess in her own life.

“I doubt I’d pass my forthcoming  exam.  I’m not worth it. Mostly, I just lie down in bed, not feeling good to do anything. My ex keeps reminding me of the abuses he did. I feel bad even after many years,” she said.

Self-doubt and self-criticism are weeds. They’re deadly negatives that can take over your life if you miss killing it at the roots.

When you’re always doubting and judging your self, you’re only focusing on the negatives that you sort of forget about the positives  in front of you.

Worry is another very common kind of those enemies of the positive. It usually pairs with “assuming the worst will happen.”

Worrying changes nothing. It removes hope and action. It only harms your health and emotional well being.

Choose always to stay positive inside of you.

choose to always stay positive

As Ralph Waldo Emerson put it, 

“What lies behind you and what lies in front of you, pales in comparison to what lies inside of you.”

Keep your face always toward the light. And the darkness will fall behind you. Miracles happen to those who are positive.

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