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Healing Your Soul And Mind

Heal your life by healing your soul and mind. Whatever your illness is.

You see, illness is not just physical. It can also be psychological, emotional, spiritual, financial, relational, among others.

Many medical doctors and scientists discover that illness is due to abuses, dissipation, or emotional problems: fear, sorrow, resentment, anger, hatred, unforgiveness etc.

River’s smoking, drug and alcoholic addictions have devastating consequences. Physical, mental, and emotional.

Visiting the hospital, he was told of irreversible damage because of an ulcerated digestive tract, a destroyed liver, emphysema, and high blood pressure.

These diseases developed progressively over a long period of time amidst River’s toxic relationships in the family, multiple divorces, and issues of rage, bitterness, and violence.

In his psychotherapy sessions, he talked a lot about his ailments. Non-stop. Complaining and blaming people or circumstances, while puffing his cigarettes.

That’s when an appropriate opportunity came for him to understand his illness better and how he can truly get well. In his weakness, he was made strong.

Remember, healing is far more than relief from a set of physical pains and symptoms. It means wholeness of body, mind, and soul.

Plato once said that all diseases of mankind proceed from the mind or soul.

In the same vein, Jeffrey Rediger, in his book “Cured: The Life-Changing Science of Spontaneous Healing,” writes:

“Illness begins in the soul, and when a healing occurs there, the physical body then ‘catches up’ to this new reality.”

In the Christian faith, God heals sick people and the world through the new birth (2 Corinthians 5:17).

Countless Christians testify that their illnesses were taken away when they made things right in their soul. 

These include ex-addicts, ex-criminals, ex-thieves, ex-cheaters, ex-abusers, ex-scammers, ex-lawbreakers etc. But now, healed believers in Christ.

They began to live in proper perspective and relationship to God, which got them well and whole as persons.

Are you sick? Heal your life by healing your soul and mind.

healing your soul and mind

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