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Prepare For Possible Future Crisis

Nowadays, the call is to prepare for possible future crisis. We are living through a deadly global pandemic. That’s just being plain realistic. Facing the facts as they are. To have a plan. To prepare. And to take action as we move along. Mario crashed. He lacked enough cash to feed his family. He lost his… Continue reading Prepare For Possible Future Crisis

How Do I Know My Spouse Is Changing?

A million-dollar question:  How do I know my spouse is changing? It’s something that always comes up in marital therapy sessions. The betrayed or victim wonders about it. Reality shows us that change must happen if a broken, wounded relationship is to survive. This is especially applicable to cases of emotional trauma involving infidelity. Can… Continue reading How Do I Know My Spouse Is Changing?

Do You Have C-PTSD?

Do you have C-PTSD?  PTSD, a known psychiatric diagnostic category, stands for “post-traumatic stress disorder.”  The attached C stands for “complex.” Nowadays, the C may stand for “Covid” which is a kind of PTSD. Roberto, all these months of Covid, experiences serious difficulties – physically and mentally.  He has difficulties sleeping, eating, and resuming his… Continue reading Do You Have C-PTSD?

Books That Heal Mental Disorders

Psychotherapy advocates books that heal mental disorders. It’s called “Bibliotherapy.” As the applied words of writer W. Somerset Maughan put it, “To acquire the habit of reading is to construct for your self a refuge from almost all the miseries of life.” Chris is my 28–year-old long time therapy patient. He’s an avid reader of… Continue reading Books That Heal Mental Disorders

When Being False To The Truth

Psychotherapy heals by truth, so it necessarily directly deals with “being false to the truth.” Because … it’s truth that sets us free. Yet this remains a major problem of humankind. There is an enemy within. This disorder gets worsened for persons going through unmanageable mental and spiritual problems.  Especially those who sabotage themselves and… Continue reading When Being False To The Truth

Good Trouble Versus Bad Trouble

Good trouble versus bad trouble. Be a good troublemaker. Yes, it means not the bad kind. For there is a difference between two kinds of trouble. Marie has a husband who is a serial womanizer and wife-beater.  All these years, she just endured the pain and injustice. She simply kept quiet. She didn’t want to… Continue reading Good Trouble Versus Bad Trouble

At Ease With Your Self And Memories

Healing happens at a point when you can already be at ease with your self and memories.  It’s the fullness of time. Psychotherapy provides for that need for concord or consonance. Expression of your whole story during the process starts it. So you can move  towards deeper awareness and resolution. As noted author, therapist, and… Continue reading At Ease With Your Self And Memories

Time To Stop Making Excuses

It’s time to stop making excuses. It holds a major key in moving your life forward. As Sonia Ricotti, bestselling author of the book “Bouncing Back,” put it: “Surrender to what is. Let go of what was. Have faith in what will be.” Excuses are common in persons with mental health challenges. They’re a staple… Continue reading Time To Stop Making Excuses

Are You Afraid Of Loving?

Are you afraid of loving? Do you have issues with intimacy or closeness in relationships? From psychological research and practice, men do. But it’s not just the men. Women too have this kind of fear. A wise man once wrote, “The most courageous act you can perform is to truly love someone.” “I gave all… Continue reading Are You Afraid Of Loving?

Behavior That Is Observed Changes

Behavior that is observed changes. We can call it accountability. Those who choose to be accountable for change have the greatest hope for change. One time, a close cousin of a future patient, Roel, saw me at the Holiday Inn. To plan for “rehab” of Roel from womanizing, financial debts, domestic violence, and alcoholism. This… Continue reading Behavior That Is Observed Changes

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