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Know Your Shadow

Know your shadow. Unless you do, you can’t be whole.

Remember those moments when you you look into the light. Then you become luminous.

Those moments are usually preceded by your plunging into the shadow of darkness.

This however is not pleasant or pleasurable work of growth. And therefore not a popular road.

People deny it. They avoid the moment, whenever possible. They rationalize around it or self-justify. They lie to themselves as well as to others.

Let me tell you a story about a rabbi and his son.

The son went to pray at another rabbi’s synagogue. On his return, the rabbi father asked his son, “Well, have you learned anything new there?”

The son responded, “I certainly did learn something new.”

His rabbinical pride somewhat offended, the father further asked, “What’s new thing you learned there?”

“Love your enemy!” came the answer from the son.

The father reacted, “Why, I preached the same thing. How can you say you learned something new, son?”

His son lovingly explained, “They taught me to love the enemy that lives within me, the one I am so desperately trying to avoid, deny, and fight all this time.”

Life is memories. Except one present moment overlooking that goes by you so quickly.

know your shadow

I don’t remember.
I remember.
When life can be simple.
From chaos and hurts.
Drying one’s tears.
Feeling the cool air.
And evening shadows.
Looking at the stars in the skies.
To the One.
Who makes us feel.
His warm embrace.
His love.
And His salvation.

Know your shadow. Yes my friend, remember those moments when you do.

“The shadow side of the personality is a mysterious reality that intrigues and sometimes frightens us. Is it a friend or foe? That depends on how we view it and how we interact with it … Unless you know your shadow, you can’t really know your self! Doing personal work on the shadow is essential for anyone who wants to become a balanced and whole person.” — Dr. John Monbourquette

know your shadow

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