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Focus on the Process and Not the Result

Problems are better facilitated for resolution when you focus on the process and not the result.

Concentrate on process. Detach from outcome.

This could be so difficult to do. 

Most of us are wired to worry more about the result rather than focus on the process of getting what we want.

“I failed my first oral exam but I’m allowed to take a second one. I can’t concentrate because I always imagine that I’ll get another failure result. I can’t review and prepare, my mind drifts and I panic at times,” explained Marissa, a 4th year medical student in a well-known university.

In our Viber sessions, Marissa and I made efforts to help her “detach” and shift perspective so she can do the next “right things” without focusing on the result.

The next “right things” for Marissa then were:

# practice deep breathing and relaxation habits to help manage her anxiety and panic attacks 

# understand the roots of her fears and worries regarding the outcome and practice cognitive reframes

# develop a “champion mindset”

# have a specific daily schedule of discipline in healthy eating and exercise and other self care activities 

# strive to give her best in review of all academic etc stuff in preparation for her 2nd oral exam 

# turning over the result or outcome of her oral exam to God so she can act freely to control the things she can

Several weeks after our recent session, Marissa took her make up oral and sent me this text of the outcome:

“Doc, I passed my oral exams!!! Thank you for your support and help! … Thank you so much! Your sessions have helped me through these past few months. Thank you po talaga and God bless you“

Marissa made it. Got her positive result. And it happened after simply doing the “next right things” – focusing on the process – while mentally detaching from the outcome during her preparations.

Indeed, in psychotherapy as well as in other aspects of life, the best path of success in healing and wholeness is always by focusing on process rather than the result.

“When you start focusing your attention and energy less on the results but rather on the processes or the techniques involved, you discover that you learn faster, are more successful and even happier at the outcome.” — LifeHack

focus on the process and not the result

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