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Don’t Lie To Your Self

A most important health-giving good you can do to your life is:  Don’t lie to your self.

Humanity has a problem. It’s the hardest thing to do for so many of us.

As Edward Bulwer-Lytton put it,

“The easiest person to deceive is one’s self.”

How do you know you’re lying to your self? There are signs, such as, among others:

  1. You feel like you’re running away from something.
  2. You keep justifying other people’s behavior.
  3. You keep justifying your behavior.
  4. You have a rigid attitude.
  5. You feel inauthentic.
  6. You prefer to wear rose-tinted glasses.
  7. You don’t like listening to other’s advice.
don’t lie to your self

Noel, during a Skype session, was assisted to see by himself the true reality of his affair with a married woman. 

“I’m a fuck boy doc! But with this girl I’m sure it’s the real thing this time. I’d never met a woman like her doc. We’re soul mates,” he rationalized and justified.

In the session, Noel still scrambled to cover up to justify himself and choices despite his feelings of “guilt” and risk of being found out. He added that it’s his right to be happy with this woman.

Since the affair started and onwards, Noel’s take of psychotropic drug doses had been progressively increasing due to what he described as “unexplainable moods.”

The problem with misleading and lying to your self is, your dark choices and harmful behaviors can do appear to be reasonable and healthy paths.

After only a few sessions, Noel started procrastinating, delaying, and stalling in his appointments. Until finally, he “ghosted” and prematurely  terminated his therapy. He got in his own way.

Don’t lie to your self.

Lying to your self is painful. It damages you, your relationships, and your life as a whole.

Tell the truth to your self instead. Act on it. And you save your self and life. There’s no other medicine.

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