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To Forgive Is Letting Go Of Past Hurts

To forgive is letting go of past hurts.

Forgiveness and your past hurts. They do seem to always conflict.

Let’s understand a bit more here this known scientific healing factor called forgiveness.

And how it relates to past hurts – whether it’s for self-forgiveness or other-forgiveness.

Remember Timon and Pumba from The Lion King? 

They counseled Simba on forgiving by “leaving your past behind you.”

Put another way, forgiveness is “giving up all hope for a better past.”

To forgive is planning the future rather than lamenting the past.

It’s pretty tough for Garri. He found himself struggling deeply. On how to forgive his wife and what happened in the past.

“My wife had an affair with a foreigner. Then she left home and us with our kids to be with the other person in another country. A few years after, she returned and asked for my forgiveness. How in the world can I forgive her with all she had done? I have flashbacks, images, and nightmares of this past!”

To forgive is letting go of past hurts? That is always easier said than done in real-life situations.

to forgive is letting go of past hurts

Z. Hereford observes and writes,

“The ability to achieve forgiveness and let go of past hurts is one of the most critical challenges many of us face on the road to attaining personal peace and happiness. While it certainly isn’t easy, it is absolutely necessary for long-term mental and emotional health.”

Forgiveness and letting go of past wounds or hurts do take time. So be patient with your self. Or, the other person.

Certainly, you may have every right to feel resentful, bitter, or revengeful for the wrong done to you.

It can be difficult for you to separate what you feel emotionally with what makes sense to do logically.

However, deep focus can help a lot. 

If you focus on the healing and health benefits of forgiveness and letting go of the past in your life, you can easily move on.

Forgiving by letting go of past hurts is a choice to save your self.


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