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Are You Narcotizing Your Inner Problems?

Are you narcotizing your inner problems?

I mean by the use of drugs, alcohol, over-busyness, casual sex, and in sundry different ways.

Worldwide, people spend billions of dollars on alcohol and drugs. All, in an effort to escape inner problems.

Alcohol and drugs tend to lessen anxiety temporarily. But they paralyze the higher brain centers where judgment is processed.

Other “narcotics, such as pornography, overeating or overspending, gay round of social activities, womanizing etc, function in a similar way.

Nothing happens, except that people temporarily narcotized themselves to escape their inner problems. 

Escape such as from anxiety, loneliness, inferiority, guilt, shame, frustration, or threat of loss/failure.

are you narcotizing your inner problems

“I’m tired of my wife and mother continually telling me my mistakes and failures. I feel I’m nobody, not worthy of anything,” shares a client, Pip, in a text message.

Pip got drunk in the bar and had sex with a prostitute that night. Escaping from the universe, from himself, from his inner problems.

Narcotics: A sedative, not a solution. A non-solution masking as a solution. 

Narcotizing your inner problems doesn’t cure to the core. 

The cure to inner problems is to go deeper. To remove the very roots or sources of debilitating inner problems.

Dr. Cecil Osborne, noted author and therapist, once wrote on anxiety and other types of inner problems:

“ … there is nothing wrong with anxiety per se. It is only when anxiety becomes so all-pervasive as to limit our effectiveness … often the roots are buried deep within the unconscious mind.”

Yes, some drugs or relief can be necessary up to a point. Beyond that point, it is destructive. 

You need to seek out the underlying root source that fuels or drives you to narcotizing.

In psychotherapy, the secret of the underlying source is unlocked by: 

1.) Finding (recalling) some earlier traumatic life experiences or incidences in the “unconscious/subconscious records”, and 

2.) Experiencing its “movie” in its entirety until the secret is unlocked.


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