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Don’t Cheat Your Self

Don’t cheat your self. Dare to face the truth. 

One of the worst habits many people have is cheating, deceiving, or fooling themselves. 

A deadly habit that sabotages their lives. Because they dare not face the truth. 

Psychotherapy is a deep search for personal truth. 

It’s fraught with challenges and dangers. For the human heart is deceitful above all things. 

Once, a former OFW engineer executive told me, “Doc, I love my wife. But I also love my secretary. God is love, so I love both of them!” 

Cheating yourself always involves distorting or obscuring of what is true. 

Truth can be twisted, ignored, denied, and manipulated by one’s heart that deceives itself.

don’t cheat your self

The Scientific American terms this condition “living a lie” in one of its magazine posts.

It posits that when a person is “living a lie,” she deceives her self to better deceive others.

Psychologists have identified ways that people do to cheat, deceive, or fool themselves.

Some of the common types of self cheating include: self-enhancement, biased information-gathering, biased reasoning, and biased recollections.

Cortney Warren once remarked,

“Self deception comes from not having enough psychological strength to admit the truth and deal with the consequences that will follow when the truth is acknowledged.” 

The “psychological strength” Warren is citing to avoid cheating one’s self is developed by practice.

It’s a deep psychotherapeutic process of practicing self awareness. Finding and living your own truth.

As Dr. Ilene Cohen of Psychology Today puts it, “Everything starts with awareness.”

Becoming more self aware will help you stop filling your void with lies. It will give you the push you need to embrace truth and find your real self.

The only way to go!

Don’t cheat your self. Dare to face the truth. 

The truth heals. It shall set you free.


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