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Give Your Stress Wings

“Give your stress wings and let it fly away,” once wrote Terri Guillemets.

give your stress wings

Many of us struggle with stress in personal life, work, relationships, money, among other areas 

Stress is a given in our human existence. Everyone experiences it, whether physical, mental, emotional, financial, relational etc.

Psychotherapy is one process that can be stressful to many. For both therapist and patient.

Yet at the same time, it provides relief, healing, and wholeness in its progression.

It’s not stress that kills us. It’s how we respond to it.

Give your stress wings and let it fly away!

In a capsule, here are some ways we can do to lower, neutralize, and let our stress “fly away”:

1.  Take off your “mask” which only weighs you down.

2.  Detach from thoughts and feelings that are not serving you.

3.  Practice perseverance and faith as you work on your core goals and desires.

4.  Fill your time with meaningful experiences rather than unproductive things.

5.  Let go of what’s no longer existing.

6.  Keep mental health, among others, in your routine.

7.  Embrace and nurture self discipline.

8.  Trust your intuition.

9.  Discover that you need a lot less than what you have.

10. Take deep breaths when you need them.

11. Choose what truly matters and what don’t.

12. Detach your self from the habit of taking things personally.

13. Focus on the positive.

14. Take small daily steps consistently to improve.

15. Exercise love and kindness at all times.

One of the principles we learn from horse masters is this: “go slow to go fast.”

It applies to many things in our lives. We rush too much. We think there are not enough hours to go by.

But we can discover that when go slow and do things calmly and carefully, we get them done quicker and with less stress.

Stress is real. But we all have a choice to give it wings and let it fly away!


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