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Make Life Rich Without Money

Do you know that you can make life rich without money?


By living a minimalist life. A simple life. A balanced life. It’s psychologically, emotionally, and spiritually healthy.

I love how Bo Sanchez once put it,

“I believe we should always live below our earning capacity. Live simply so you can have more peace. Live simply so you can invest for your future. Live simply so you can give more.”

We make life rich without money by grasping hold of what’s only essential. Let go of the nonessential. Declutter.

A simple, minimalist life is a gift. But it’s also a choice, a discipline, an art.

make life rich without money

Anthony was my first psychotherapy client. Many years ago. 

He was a successful insurance and investment millionaire consultant. He owned luxury cars, houses, and even antique art collections.

He spent his last 5 years away from home traveling in search of lucrative “diamond” deals.

A couple of months ago then when he called me, he made his way back home. But by then his house was empty.

His wife of 20+ years filed for divorce and had taken their teenage kids to go overseas to start a new life without their father.

Anthony told me, “I had everything. All paid for. But I’ve never felt so poor and empty. I didn’t know what essentials I had, until they’re gone.”

Suicidal and desperate, he sought professional psychotherapy help. But something more happened in the course of his sessions.

He found the Lord, his ultimate psychotherapist. He fell to his knees and prayed, asking Jesus to change his life.

Since then, Andrew has been doing all he can to reconcile with and win back his wife and children. 

“I thought I was providing for them all they need. I realize that what they really need is me and the Lord in our family,” Anthony remarked.

Make life rich without money.


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