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Practice Body Mindfulness

Practice body mindfulness. It’s an important mental health habit. 

“All diseases of the body proceed from the mind or soul,” Plato once wrote.

Unresolved emotions are often stored in the physical body.

There’s always a body link whenever you’re struggling with difficult feelings or thoughts.

My client Rosanna has started practicing body mindfulness to manage her recurring panic anxiety attacks. 

Her trauma-related panic anxiety attacks have become frequent lately. It’s an unconscious force of habit.

In our sessions, she’s learning to more consciously catch her “moments.” 

She does it by locating her emotions in her body. And then, learning how to manage them before she goes into her cognitive processing. 

Rosanna takes the wheel with her body surveillance before her panic anxiety attacks strike again.

It enables her to focus on acting on what she can do to resolve her difficult emotions rather than waiting to feel good.

Dr. David Stewart, psychotherapist and author, writes,

“Emotions that we have not faced, accepted nor dealt with are stored as repressed emotional energy waiting for a future time when we can learn from them. Since they are filed in our bodies in places of which our conscious mind is not aware, they keep us reminded of their existence in a variety of negative ways. They can cause pain, illness, disease, and malfunction on any and all levels – physical, mental, social, emotional, and spiritual.”

Practice body mindfulness. According to Mindful, you can do that by:

  1. Finding a comfortable place where you can sit upright;
  2. Opening up awareness and noticing sensations in your body;
  3. Feeling fully both pleasant and unpleasant sensations;
  4. Returning to feeling the sensations and keeping the mind from wandering.
  5. Relating to the emotions felt in the body rather than controlling them.
  6. Staying focused in the here and now, the present, in practicing body mindfulness to manage difficult emotions.
practice body mindfulness


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