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You Must Accept Your Self Come What May

You must accept your self come what may. Healing through self acceptance is to tell yourself to accept yourself. Warts and all.

A lot of people are depressed, insecure, or addicted due to a lack of or inadequate self acceptance. 

As we walk around this confused world, we’re bombarded with so many false values.

False values, such as equating our self worth with money, beauty, or power. 

healing through self acceptance

When you’re vulnerable, you’re bound to unwittingly embrace those false values. They lead you then to a dysfunctional lessening of yourself

I’m reminded of a news headline years ago. It reported that the young son of a famous senator committed suicide. It’s after failing to pass an entrance law school exam.

A psychologist offered an opinion that the young man may had “downgraded himself” too much.

Possible basis? He felt ashamed and overwhelmed. He could not measure up to the standards of his parent’s high scale accomplishments.

Dr. Maxwell Maltz, famous cosmetic surgeon and author of the all time bestseller “Psycho-Cybernetics,” writes:

“Stop downgrading yourself. So what if you’re not a movie star. So what if you’re not a member of the jet set! Stop expecting yourself to live up to goals that are fantasy; come back down to earth and live a little … You move toward self acceptance when you feel big enough to make peace with your human failings without hiding behind deception and rationalization. Come out of hiding; you are not a criminal. You are an imperfect human being; all your life, you will make mistakes – perhaps everyday of your life. Mistake making does not make you a criminal who must hide and appear in public in some form of masquerade …”

You must accept your self come what may. Healing through self acceptance.

Tell yourself to accept yourself everyday for what you are – including your mistakes and imperfections.

Then as you do, you go back to your pressing responsibility of becoming a better you, feeling refreshed.


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