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Where Will Help Come From?

Every year, I watch broken lives and broken homes come through my sessions. Each one an emotional disaster.

More so since Covid came and onwards, millions of persons are affected by mental and emotional illness.

The lack of adequate emotional first aid and skills is evident elsewhere: run-down hospitals, broken families, hunger or poverty, overwhelmed institutions, and even in churches.

Mental and emotional breakdowns cost billions of money in the economy. 

Because of the rising pandemic, we need multiple times as many mental health services, psychotherapists, psychologists, doctors, nurses, counselors etc.

Where will they come from?

In my new guide, I present to you 23 ways to do Prevention, which cannot all be done by our presently available hospitals or Heathcare workers.
Prevention, if it is to be done at all, will have to be done by your self, a parent, or an ordinary citizen nearby.

I invite you to get a copy of the free guide and check it out … before it gets too late.

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