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Mind- Body Link

Total wellness requires balance. For those who do their work in a chair, this is a constant reminder. I’ve witnessed office workers, like call center agents etc, deteriorate in their physical health due to lack of balance. My work – psychotherapy, writing – is also predominantly work in a chair, using my intellect and voice.… Continue reading Mind- Body Link

Where Will Help Come From?

Every year, I watch broken lives and broken homes come through my sessions. Each one an emotional disaster. More so since Covid came and onwards, millions of persons are affected by mental and emotional illness. The lack of adequate emotional first aid and skills is evident elsewhere: run-down hospitals, broken families, hunger or poverty, overwhelmed… Continue reading Where Will Help Come From?

What is Emotional First-Aid?

In Red Cross, they have physical first aid. The concept and principles governing Red Cross First Aid training is equally valid for an Emotional First Aid program. Both Physical First Aid and Emotional First Aid have things in common. Both teach that damage in accidents or emergencies can be reduced or controlled by using basic… Continue reading What is Emotional First-Aid?

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