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Total wellness requires balance.

For those who do their work in a chair, this is a constant reminder.

I’ve witnessed office workers, like call center agents etc, deteriorate in their physical health due to lack of balance.

My work – psychotherapy, writing – is also predominantly work in a chair, using my intellect and voice.

I too may be at risk of wasting away through neglect if I don’t exercise.

My favorite nowadays is my daily walks.

When I do my walks, I’m no longer a receptacle for other people to dump their pain. Nobody catches me during my walks.

I get to take a break. To let the wind refresh me. To feel grounded pacing my legs and body. To touch the rest of the world.

After my dose of physical exercise, I notice I feel ready again to face my clients, my own issues, my own future.

As I commit to my own body-mind link, I feel becoming a better human being.

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