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Stop Quitting And Start Training

Stop quitting and start training.

Never give up. Train your self to rise above your crises. Adversity reveals the stuff you’re made of. 

When you find your self quitting on you and your life, it’s time to stop quitting and start training.

During the terror reign of Adolf Hitler, the Jews were being hunted. They’re being exterminated in gas chambers.

They were a hated race in the German regime. And you could imagine the horrors they went through as a people.

Still, with gritted teeth and their families and possessions gone, they pointed and pressed on to progress. 

They became heroic survivors. They got past a most harrowing death-defying persecution of their race in history.

The Jews endured. Yes with deep emotional wounds and losses. But they endured. 

And surely, they took great pride in it. 

It showed their positive resilience. It showcased their ability to keep going even under the most trying of circumstances.

stop quitting and start training

The Story of the Jews is an inspiring example of the principle of “stop quitting and start training.”

When I read the biographies of famous or successful people, there’s one thing they all have in common.

They never give up. 

Many of them were born in poverty or with disabilities and other disadvantages. 

Yet they endured. They trained themselves to fight their way to their dreams and goals.

Are you emotionally scarred or abused? Have there been some people in your life who abandoned or rejected you?

Forget about your bad past or “unworthiness!” Question your thoughts and feelings that you’re no good.

When your anger or disappointments are getting the better of you, pause. 

As one writer/athlete put it, “resist the hack, love the journey.”

Channel your emotions. Think clear and pure.

Bring your energies constructively into training your self to reach your own goals and interests.

Your best shot is training to believe in your self. 

That means, having a strong self image to lift you above any wounds, blunders, and crises in your life.

You, with God’s help, create this strong self image that never gives up.

Stop quitting and start training.


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