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Love Based on Image

Love Based on Image? It’s February, our yearly love month.

And I get to think about love again. As well as ponder it along with individuals in-session and out.

In Netflix, there’s a current hit film love story, Bridgerton. It’s like a dream dance, which people love.

Many times, the love dance can be built on imagination. 

Depending on your imagination, the love that it images may either be true or false.

It has been said that “love is blind.”

A man and a woman fall in love to each other. 

And its possible to happen with the symbolic mask of loveliness each “unconsciously transfers” or puts over the other person.

That’s made easier during dating or courtship when each is in his or her best appearances and behaviors.

“I love her, doc, but how can I be with her any longer?,” Anthony said of his girlfriend who verbally and physically abuses him.

He asked me why he’s not able to separate and leave her despite the chronic abuses.

Further psychological examination reveals the striking resemblance of Anthony’s girlfriend and his verbally and physically abusive mother.

His “love” for his girlfriend has been based on imagination. A symbolic mother image for Anthony.

Some emotional problems can cause a false “love based on image.” They are namely, among others:

  • loneliness
  • passion
  • sudden losses
  • betrayal
  • infidelity
  • divorce
  • one-way love
  • bad parental upbringing
  • unwanted pregnancy
  • jealousy
  • possessiveness

“I gave him everything, all the sex he wanted. Yet he still left me,” sobbed Imelda.

Imelda is one of those countless women who thought that love equals sex.

When love is based on this kind of image, it creates a false relationship that masquerades as a true relationship.

Forewarning or knowing may not prevent love casualties from false love images.

But it may at least help reduce risk and guilt. And also help people to let go of dying relationships more objectively.


love based on image can be true or false


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