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Stay Humble and Grateful

Here’s an essential life healing precept: Stay humble and grateful.

A common block to mental and emotional health is ego. The pride of self and life.

Paul was raised in poverty. His parents could hardly feed and support him and his siblings.

At a young age, he hustled. Selling all sorts of things in the city streets.

Till one day, he was recruited by a drug addict and dealer. Paul eventually became one himself.

He became a millionaire selling illegal drugs – shabu, marijuana etc. He bought his own house and cars and wasted his money on women.

Amid the wealth, he despised his father and mother. He looked down on them as well as all his siblings.

One time, one of his girlfriends snitched on him to the DEA and NBI. He got arrested and imprisoned.

All his money and properties were stolen by the girlfriend who snitched on him. Later, Paul was killed in prison on orders of a drug mafia leader.

stay humble and grateful

Stay humble and grateful. Yes, humility and gratitude together.

That includes doing what is right and healthy to one’s whole being

It requires right thoughts, emotions, and actions from the core of one’s self.

Psychological wellness, which is very much associated with character development and spirituality.

According to Richard Shrapnel,

“The ability to be truly grateful for the things in your life requires a core of humility. Humility seeds, feeds and grows gratitude. Without a core of humility, I believe gratitude will always be superficial. Now humility is really a power virtue but unfortunately one that is not very popular today.”

Nothing is permanent in this world.

Everything exists in cycles.

Do not get too attached.

Stay humble and grateful.

Love people, not money or things.

You own nothing.

You leave everything behind.

Honor God with your life.

Live on earth with eternity in mind.

Lao Tzu once said,
“Since you realize that all things change, there is nothing you’ll try to hold on to.”

Stay humble and grateful.

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