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Something You Need To Know

Something you need to know.

About Christmas.

I look at the skies on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

I’ve never been too old for that.

I pause. I pray. I smile. I wish.

When I eat or sing, I just be.

I cherish the greatest Gift and Giver I’ve received into my life.

There’s something I want to share with you.

Many years in the past, my Christmas was solo or lonely.

No family. No friends. Just by myself.

You could see me walking long walks in the malls and parks.

Yet I was never alone.

I breathed in God’s love and His gift.

And I exhaled what I need to surrender to Him. In deep faith.

Are you lonely, depressed, or traumatized this Christmas?

Someone hurt you? Betrayed or left you?

Do you suffer from illness or poverty?

Are you tired of life?

This thing happening to you right now might not be a breeze.

But the Christ of Christmas is way much stronger than any storm.

He came for you.

To save you. To provide for you. To give you hope. To bring you everlasting riches.

By knowing Christ and experiencing His love, you can have real life.

Not a fake life.

Not a life based on illusion, non-truth, or merely what fades.

You can listen to the singing of birds. Welcome the morning sun.

You’ll be able to go where you want or do what you like.

With His peace, provision, and redemption.

It’s heaven’s air of Christmas. No matter your circumstances.

Friend, before this Christmas season ends, fill your heart with the love of the Christ of Christmas.

As the saying goes, JESUS is the true reason for the season.

Something you need to know.

something you need to know

“For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believes in Him shall not perish, but have everlasting life.” (John 3:16)

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