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Overcome Financial Self Sabotage

Overcome financial self sabotage.

Money doesn’t buy happiness. Agree or disagree?

Well, most of you probably will disagree. 

And … agree with French author Marie Leneru who wrote in her Journal,

“If I were honest, I would admit that money is one half of happiness; it makes it so much more attractive!”

Not just making you attractive. Money also gifts you with power as well. 

Lack of or inadequate money makes you feel powerless, insecure, weak. 

Despite mounting debts, Nida, who works for an American company, continues to spend compulsively.

Just last month, her car was confiscated by the credit company for non-payment of monthly amortizations.

Nida is simply addicted to living beyond her means. Salary times are her danger zone. 

With her paycheck near at hand, the urge to buy something often grabs her as she walks around the mall.

Multiple times, when she feels penniless and overwrought, she borrows from Mom and varied friends.

Financial self sabotage is what some therapists would call it. It’s the habit that offers momentary “happiness thrill” that costs you later.

My therapy sessions are filled with individuals who break down emotionally and psychologically due to financial self sabotage.

The reality is, spending can be an addiction. 

With this compulsion, a person would still have money problems even if society is truly fair or there’s no pandemic crisis.

Mostly, it arises from unconscious feelings to calm one’s self from anxiety or distress.

One way to win then over financial self sabotage is to become aware of one’s carrying out his or her unconscious program.

He/she should recognize that the financial self sabotage is a diversion from the real issue he/she needs to face.

Overcome financial self sabotage.

“The direction of change to seek is not in our four dimensions: it is getting deeper into what you are, where you are, like turning up the volume on the amplifier.” — Thaddeus Golas


overcome financial self sabotage

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