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Prepare By Simplifying Your Life

To survive and thrive in any storm, you prepare by simplifying your life. A minimalist soul and life.

Practically speaking, as I write this, the world is in the middle of a raging storm: the Coronavirus pandemic.

People stare into the eye of the pandemic which is wreaking havoc on all areas of our lives – medical/ health, economic, educational, family, social, political etc. 

This storm has been fixing itself in our lives indefinitely. We’re all suffering. In abnormal amounts and ways.

“What use now is much of what I own? It gets me to see how great is the insignificant clutter and tasks I hold in my life as I battle this pandemic for me and my family. I’m spread too thin!” reflects Robert during a Zoom therapy session.

What Robert means is that it takes this crisis to make him realize how distracted he is. And how little control he has in life.

He missed preparing by waiting too long to simplify his life. Free from the unnecessary! His fortress against any storm.

As Lisa Avellan of “Simple and Soul” writes insightfully:

prepare by simplifying your kife

“Cancer diagnoses, devastating earthquakes in developing counties, or wildfires and hurricanes are not so subtle reminders that he with the most toys does not win. Our physical possessions are quickly discarded when disaster strikes. Staring in the face of eternity we know soul deep that our hope is not found in our stuff. The simple life cultivates hope; it prepares us to see and feel limitless hope. It shows up when doctor appointments don’t have to compete with unfulfilling activities on the calendar. Hope shines when a debt-free lifestyle softens the blow of the pending hospital bills. Hope floats as family and friends rally around not in pity but in support and love because of the relationships nurtured with intention. The more of simplicity is hope!”

Prepare by simplifying your life.


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