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Let Only Truth Heal You

Let only truth heal you. Yes, that’s your healing currency.

But realize first this reality in the world where we live in: lies travel faster than truths.

As Winston Churchill once put it,

“A lie gets halfway around the world before the truth has a chance to get its pants on.”

let only truth heal you

We live in a world full of lies that travel faster than truths. Lies is its native language.

Dina was an unfaithful, materialistic wife to her husband. She had a cyber affair with a wealthy Indian man.

She eventually disappeared from home to live in luxury with her affair partner overseas.

Falsifying personal legal documents, she changed her name and paid fixers to get married with the foreigner overseas.

A lot of money flowed to fund the marital betrayal, the travels and the gifts, to treat and deceive the children, and file a divorce case filled with twisted information.

For years, Dina and her affair partner poisoned the minds of their children with lies. She took them away from their father by lavishing them with gifts and cash.

Do you live your life in truth?

Lies, crimes, and psychopathology are closely associated. They are a frequent source of breakdowns and damages in the lives of individuals, marriages, and families.

If you want to heal and be whole, you need truth. It’s the only currency that can restore your mind and heart.

The Bible says Satan’s native currency and language is lies (John 8:44). He distorts and twists the truth. He embellishes, exaggerates, colors, and hides what really is.

Dr. David Jeremiah aptly explains the role of truth in God’s Kingdom,

“The truth is the currency of the Kingdom. Lies are like counterfeit money – they render all transactions meaningless.”

Let only truth heal you and make you whole. There’s no other way.


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