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Remember You Are Enough

Remember you are enough.

You can be secure even without anyone’s approval. No need to prove your worth.

remember you are enough

I learned about a funny story of a psychiatric hospital mental patient from Thich Nhat Thach, a famous monk/writer.

Here’s the story he wrote about:

“A patient there was very afraid of the chickens that roamed freely in the hospital yard. Every time he saw a chicken, he ran away. One day the nurse asked him, ‘Why do you keep doing that?’

The young man explained that he thought he was a seed of corn, and he was afraid the chickens would eat him.

So the doctor summoned him to his office and said,

‘Young man, you are a human being. You are not a grain of corn. Look, you have eyes, a nose, a tongue, a body, just like me. You’re not a grain of corn. You’re a human being.’

And the young man agreed.

So the doctor asked him to write down repeatedly on a sheet of paper, ‘I’m a human being. I’m not a grain of corn.’

The young man filled up many sheets of paper with these lines. It seemed he was making a lot of progress.

Every time the nurse came to ask him, ‘Who are you? What are you?’ he’d always say, ‘I’m a human being. I’m not a grain of corn.’ The doctors and nurses were very happy.

They gave him a final appointment with the doctor before he was to be discharged.

As he was walking to the doctor’s office for that appointment, he saw a chicken. And he ran away, very fast.

The nurse had a hard time catching up with him. Finally, she reached him, and said, exasperated, ‘What are you doing? Why did you run away? You have been doing so well. You know you’re a human being. You know you’re not a grain of corn.’

The young man answered, ‘Yes, I know very well that I’m a human being and not a grain of corn. But the chicken doesn’t know that.’ “

Remember you are enough.

A lot of people do things to please others. They do this in order to feel enough. Many, only for the sake of form.

Understand why you do things in your life. Is it because you truly believe it’s important? Or, you just do things because you think others think it’s important?

We may even pray, go to church or invoke the name of Christ in the ministry. Yet it may not be because it’s meaningful for us, but because family or some people expect it from us.

It holds true also with chasing after signs of success, wealth, or status. We may do it, not because we think it’s important, but because we want to belong to or be approved by others.

Mental health and well being happens when we start to see the cost of these unmindful pursuits. When we see the hook in them, we won’t want to keep chasing after them any longer.

Make use of the healing insight that you are enough. Already. You don’t have anything to prove to anyone.

Remember you are enough. You can be secure even without other people’s approval and acceptance.


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