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Facts of Life Are for Everyone

Facts of life are for everyone. Especially in the basic ebb and flow of our daily living.

In psychotherapy, there are always themes processed that are the same for everyone.

Psychotherapist and author Dr. Jeffrey Kottler writes,

“Even the most creative, inventive, and impulsive clinician will teach similar lessons to all her clients … Regardless of the client or presenting complaint, there is a repetition in the themes we present.”

Similar lessons or facts of life for all wounded or traumatized in life are typical.

It’s the same too with the therapist, who is a fellow human being and traveler.

We can take a look at some of them:

• We are afraid to be alone.

• Symptoms are just signs of what lies underneath.

• We will be dead someday, so what’s next?

• Emotional wounds are useful for n getting your attention.

• Each one is responsible for his or her own choices.

• 100 years from now, will anybody care with what you did with your life?

• Addictions don’t go away until they’re no longer needed.

• It’s hard to love without being vulnerable.

• We are afraid to take responsibility involved in being right.

• The material world seduces and deceives.

• Change involves courage over risks.

• You have less to lose than you think.

• Feeling helpless or powerless is a state of mind.

• You may never get your parents’ approval.

• Everything that is worth doing is going to be a challenge.

• No matter what you say, 50% will like it and 50% will not.

• We are afraid of being wrong or rejected.

It hurts our lives when we miss, deny, or ignore common facts of life. 

There you have it. All clear.

Simply remember, the facts of life are for everyone.

facts of life are same for everyone





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