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Touching Is Part of Recovery

Touching is part of recovery.

A street girl once had a sticker on her T-shirt that tells passersby, “Come here for free hugs!”

Touch is of great importance to emotional and physical health as well as one’s overall well being.

I’ve noticed that psychological or emotional woundedness is always characterized by deficits in “touching.”

“I’ve problems touching my wife, doc. I feel shy or embarrassed. Even afraid,” said Tito during a Skype session.

As a result, according to him, he found himself preferring to watch videos in porn sites.

Tito struggles with “touching” in real life. It’s a merge or emerge thing.

According to psychologist Richard Hesling, in Psychology Today, there are 5 categories of touching.

1. Functional – Professional: touch that’s “impersonal” performed for professional reasons, such as that of a doctor, barber, massage therapist etc

2. Social – Polite:  such as the common handshake used to greet acquaintances, friends or business associates 

3. Friendship – Warmth:  such as hand on the shoulder or arm to show caring to those whom you feel close to

4. Love – Intimacy:  such as hand holding and hugs of all types as expressions of deeper affection 

5. Sexual – Arousal: such as sexual touches that lead to intercourse etc

Notice only one is sexual. The rest indicate different degrees of friendship or closeness.

Touching is not only physical. It’s also comprised of aspects that are emotional, mental, and even spiritual.

All connected to establishing and sustaining overall quality of life. Life satisfaction and happiness is enhanced by healthy touching.

According to research, there is a strikingly “low rate” of gentle, loving touch between so many friends and family members.

Could this be one of those major causes of dysfunction or breakdown of individuals in our society?

It is worth your effort and time to experience the healing power of touch.

Touching is part of recovery.





touching is essential in one's well being

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