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Daily Walks Clear Your Mind

Do you know that daily walks clear your mind?

Yes, daily walks. About 20 minutes or so. That is proven to be therapeutic and health-maintaining.

“Solvitur ambulando,” Saint Augustine once remarked. In plain English, it translates “It is solved by walking.”

I walk each day. Usually, after my writing and therapy work, I take my “urban hikes” sometime in the afternoon.

These daily walks create open spaces in my mind. Insights easily land in my brain through the walks. The “aha” moments.

Among my psychotherapy clients, 20-minute daily walks is one of those prescriptive assignments I give them.

Many of them walk beyond 20 minutes. They say it can be addictive. They enjoy the prescription.

daily walks clear your mind

What’s important is, the walks enable them to heal their emotions better. They credit their walks for their many good moods.

Numerous famous doctors, statesmen, philosophers, ministers, artists, writers, and other personalities are “walkers.”

U.S. President George Bush pondered questions of statesmanship during his walks. 

Fiction and nonfiction bestselling author Joanna Penn writes daily as well as walks daily. 

Albert Einstein typically walked 1 1/2 mile daily back and forth while refining his theories. 

Friedrich Nietzsche walked each day with his pen and notebook.

Creativity writer and writing coach, Julia Cameron, produced his books and masterpieces with his daily walks. 

Psychologists Dr. Sigmund Freud and Dr. Carl Jung were both avid walkers as they dipped in and out of their minds and those they treat.

Henry David Thoreau was a famous walker too. He’s a naturalist, philosopher, and author. 

He once wrote a piece of lecture entitled “Walking,” or sometimes referred to as The Wild. He read it in public 10x more than any other of his lectures.

One part of his “Walking” piece says, “ I wish to speak a word for Nature, for absolute freedom and wildness, as contrasted with a freedom and culture merely civil, — to regard man as an inhabitant, or a part and parcel of Nature, rather than a member of society.”

For Thoreau, walking in nature brings peace and clarity. A helpful thought to us in choosing the setting of our daily walks.

Daily walks clear your mind. Anywhere they may be. They will bring you gently to your physical, psychological, and spiritual health.


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