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Time To Stop Making Excuses

It’s time to stop making excuses. It holds a major key in moving your life forward.

As Sonia Ricotti, bestselling author of the book “Bouncing Back,” put it:

“Surrender to what is. Let go of what was. Have faith in what will be.”

Excuses are common in persons with mental health challenges.

They’re a staple in rationalizing around addictions, behavioral dysfunction, or emotional insecurities. 

“My parents divorced when I was little. Years after, I found my Dad who now had his own family. He rejected me. So here I am – a marijuana addict, alcoholic, and raging freak!” explained Roel.

Roel is a call center agent. Recently he received notice from his company. They  required him to undergo psychological assessment due to his behavior in the workplace. 

He eventually lost his job. He blamed it on his father and mother. His favorite excuse. 

Perhaps, like Roel, you didn’t have a good beginning upon which to build. Your parents divorced or abused you. 

Or, maybe it’s poverty. You didn’t come from a nice school or neighborhood. Maybe a relative or friend bullied or stole money from you.

Whatever the case, your beginning can have nothing to do with where your life is heading.

After all, the world is full of successful people who bounced back from bad beginnings. 

time to stop making excuses

They came from beginnings where there seems to be no hope, no opportunity, no way out. Where life seems worthless.

Yet those who win never used this as excuse in charting their present and future. They took charge to bounce back and author their lives.

Time to stop making excuses. 

That means no more room for excuses like “If it weren’t for him” or “If it weren’t for that loss or deprivation” or “If it weren’t for my background or limitations.”

All that is reality in your life, of course. But you don’t need to be stuck, blaming, or whining any longer.

You can choose to get up. You can choose to dust yourself off. You can choose to stop feeling a victim. You can choose to walk. You can choose to be responsible. 

Time to stop making excuses.


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