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Your Life Depends On Stable Data

Your life depends on stable data. Stable data and mental health go together. One definition of sanity states that it’s “the ability to tolerate confusion and to recognize a stable datum.” We may call it the “stable data principle” of mental health. In every person, there appears a “gradient scale” of the relative values of… Continue reading Your Life Depends On Stable Data

How Do You Deal With A Jerk?

How do you deal with a jerk? Mental health is often damaged and wounded by people who offend or wrong you. As psychiatrist and author, Dr. Paul Meier, once advised in dealing with impossible people, “It’s a jungle out there, and it’s full of jerks!” Dr. Meier defines being a “jerk” as “exhibiting any selfish… Continue reading How Do You Deal With A Jerk?

We Have Hope Beyond The Grave

We have hope beyond the grave. Awhile ago, I was watching images on TV of large masses of graves in the streets of India. They died from Coronavirus. India, the world’s worst Covid surge this 2021, finds itself drowning in the millions of deaths and illnesses of its people. Such image reminds us more strongly… Continue reading We Have Hope Beyond The Grave

Do You Want 5 Cents of Psychiatry?

Do you want 5 cents of psychiatry? I heard it from the popular Peanuts comic strip. Its enterprising character, Lucy, advertised “psychiatric help” for 5 cents. Linus went to Lucy’s office. He complained about his deep feelings of depression. When he asked her what she can do about his depression, Lucy quickly replied, “Snap out… Continue reading Do You Want 5 Cents of Psychiatry?

Understand Your Transference

Understand your transference.  Dr. Jacqueline Olds, Dr. Richard Schwartz, and Harriet Webster, in their book “Overcoming Loneliness in Everyday Life,” write: “Transference is actually a simple concept. It means that we are not capable of experiencing a relationship as genuinely new and completely free of distortions. Instead, our experience with people in the present is… Continue reading Understand Your Transference

Get Over Your Pride

When you get over your pride, you begin to heal and grow. Countless people struggle with this though. It’s a common and widespread source of personal brokenness. It is of two kinds: good and bad. It’s good, for instance, when you feel proud of your kid’s medals or accomplishing something to save people’s lives. Get… Continue reading Get Over Your Pride

Avoid Premature Termination

People heal in psychotherapy when they avoid premature termination. Therapist Dr. Ryan Hooper defines “premature termination” in psychotherapy as: “a patient’s decision to end therapy, contrary to both the therapist’s current recommendation and the initial agreement between therapist and patient” If you’re going through therapy right now, it’s important that you understand “premature termination” and… Continue reading Avoid Premature Termination

Find Purpose In The Pain

Find purpose in the pain. I once heard the Pope praying that he dies quickly when it’s his time without the pain. “I’m not very good at pain,” he’d admit. In my psychotherapy work, people hate pain. The pain of their emotional wounds. Their trauma in life. “I feel a lot of pain. Cant sleep.… Continue reading Find Purpose In The Pain

Take Failure in Stride

To press on in life, the ability to “take failure in stride” is a major psychological tool. Healing in psychotherapy is an evolution. It’s based on a person’s natural progression. You’d have to appropriate leisure and fun along the way to better your self. To rest up, from life’s challenges and crises. That very much… Continue reading Take Failure in Stride

Surrendered Place: Are You There?

Surrendered Place: are you there? No matter what you’re going through right now, if you want to get well, consider the “Surrendered Place.” Bo Sanchez, one of my favorite inspirational authors and speakers, got Covid.  He’s still home quarantining and recovering since over 20+ days ago, as I write this post. He shared about going… Continue reading Surrendered Place: Are You There?

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