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Surrendered Place: Are You There?

Surrendered Place: are you there? No matter what you’re going through right now, if you want to get well, consider the “Surrendered Place.”

Bo Sanchez, one of my favorite inspirational authors and speakers, got Covid. 

He’s still home quarantining and recovering since over 20+ days ago, as I write this post.

He shared about going through horrific nights fighting the virus, sweat-soaked in bed, could hardly breathe.

To me, he’s a “perfect” example of how to physically, psychologically, and spiritually handle and heal from Covid.

surrendered place: are you there?
photo: Bo Sanchez, Twitter

Bo speaks of “surrendering your attachment to outcome” and control through what he calls his Surrendered Place.

He writes,

“ … standing in the edge of death gave me a big, unexpected gift … I saw life for what it really was. That it had nothing to do with control. But have everything to do with surrender … One day, I sat in my sacred space I now nicknamed ‘Surrendered Place.’ I heard God whisper in my heart, ‘Surrender your attachment to outcome.’ Because like any other human being on this planet, I was addicted to control. When I work hard, I want to control the outcome. Of course? Because my ego is tied up to the results of my work. But within my ‘Surrendered Place,’ I saw how insane this all was. Because I cannot control 90% of life … I can only control what I do. What happens after that is beyond my human power.”

Bo didn’t stop there. He shared what he heard God told him,,

“Surrender your desire to control outcome. Focus only on what you can do. I don’t ask you to offer the success from your work, only the work of your hands. That is enough. For your labor of love – not the outcome of that labor – is where true peace and happiness come from.”

“Surrendered Place,” are you there?


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