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Take Your Walks Mindfully

Here’s one secret you should know: take your walks mindfully. I always have good long walks. At times, 10,000 steps or more. I can walk mindfully on the busiest street, park, mall, market, or some nature place. Someone asks me, “Why, the long walks?” Oh, because of my busy ego. Its weakness is trying to… Continue reading Take Your Walks Mindfully

Be A Positive Person

Be a positive person. Life smiles when you strive to be a positive person. It’s one of mental health’s precious secrets to a better life. You practice it and you’ll be ok whatever goes around or in you. “I pity myself. My partner is ignoring me again. What can I do? I just walked out… Continue reading Be A Positive Person

Manage Your Stress Well

Manage your stress well. In this post, I’ll just be sharing with you about Nona Freeman’s top 36 tips for managing stress well. These all looks like something we can all apply right now:  1. Pray   2. Go to bed on time.  3. Get up in time so you can start your day relaxed… Continue reading Manage Your Stress Well

Learn to Love Again

Learn to love again. When I lost my wife many years ago, I thought I won’t be able to love again. This love thing was put on hold.  Do I need another woman to learn to love again? Dr. Sigmund Freud, dubbed as father of psychology, once wrote, “We ride with our ancestors on streetcars.… Continue reading Learn to Love Again

Let Insight Heal You

Let insight heal you. And free you. Imagine a fish.  It’s fast moving towards an attractive bait, which looks so irresistibly delicious. And that’s all the fish sees. But what the fish doesn’t know is that there’s a hook hidden in the bait. As soon as it bites, it gets hooked, caught, and dead soon.… Continue reading Let Insight Heal You

Grow Your Own Garden First

Grow your own garden first. Many times in our lives, we experience conflicts or disagreements in our relationships.  Parent-child. Husband-wife. Friend-friend. Boss-employee. And so on. When relationships get too difficult, that’s where all sorts of things can happen.  Mostly, it depends on where you are as a person. Your level of consciousness or maturity. Your… Continue reading Grow Your Own Garden First

Let Consistency Raise You Up

Let consistency raise you up. We live in a generation that’s obsessed with quick results. Instant gratification. Magic! But it’s not fact of life or reality we all find ourselves in. Much of life is built on the foundation of discipline, perseverance, and continuity of work even though things are difficult. Consistency really is key.… Continue reading Let Consistency Raise You Up

Can Your Broken Wing Soar Again?

Can your broken wing soar again?  You suffered a broken heart. You got a mental or emotional breakdown. You did things you’re ashamed of.  And now you find yourself with a lot of guilt, panic, and anxiety around people. You can’t get along. It’s quite possible.  “It’s so hard to live with my memories doc,”… Continue reading Can Your Broken Wing Soar Again?

Stop Taking Things Personally

Stop taking things personally. Last night, over at Zoom, Rio and Rey were in a tense, conflicted marital session with me. “We’re going in circles. Over and over, he’d piss me off with his bad moods and unfair critiques. I feel like punching him on the face,” Rio said loudly. Rey reacted, “There you go… Continue reading Stop Taking Things Personally

Give While You Live

“Give While You Live” is the title of a post written by John Blase for Daily Bread. It’s a psychotherapeutic slogan for me. It promotes one’s overall mental health and well being. Giving can boost both mental and physical health. Research shows that those who give live longer and have happier lives. The giving that… Continue reading Give While You Live

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