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Strong at the Broken Places

“The world breaks everyone,” writes Ernest Hemingway, “and afterward many are strong at the broken places.

Orlando, one of my first clients, said in tears, “She didn’t have to leave me for that younger man in our company; she chose to leave me.”

Divorce – “marital death.”  

It’s one of those life’s wounds that break people in deeper ways.

Even deeper than physical death. It can strip one of a sense of self. Including life.

According to studies, both the physical and emotional costs in divorce can be higher than the death of one’s spouse.

The sorrow, the pain, the feeling of abandonment can be more intense in divorce.

I’ve learned of men and women who would rather be widowed than divorced.

Yet, as Hemingway put it, you can be “strong at the broken places.”

You can choose to be alive.

You can choose to relearn how to date. And, find a second chance for real love.

You can choose to create or give your life to a worthy cause that heals people.

You can choose to serve God.

Divorce may simply be a launchpad to the best to come in your life.


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