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Ready to Change?

There are two kinds of people.

One is ready to change and the other is not.

In times of dire need or emergency, change is crucial. The alternative is disaster.

The voice of Riza, a distressed wife and mother: 

“I’m stuck. I promised my husband and kids that I’ll stop drinking and nagging them. But nothing much changed. I developed even multiple excuses and stronger rationalizations to avoid changing myself.”

Sometimes, I hate therapy work for that reason! 

A lot of people do become defensive or fight back when called for necessary change in their lives.

Those who are not willing or ready to change yet put themselves at risk … and continuing misery.

Anyway, for a long time, I’ve learned to be more patient, innocent, and trusting as a psychotherapist.

To just let things happen instead of analyzing everything.

To just let go.

To wait when things are ready rather than force things to happen.

That’s how I end up continuing to do what I do. 

I too need to be ready and willing to change.


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