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In Your Memories, Not in The Grave

In Your Memories, Not in The Grave?

At our first session, Riza’s eyes were filled with tears while I was speaking to her. Her mother died then only a few days ago.

For the next 7 years or so, Riza continues to visit her Mom in the grave and celebrate her birthdays together with her siblings.

That may be puzzling to you. 

But, as far as Riza and her siblings are concerned, that’s meaningful experience and truth for them.

We can know just what it is.

Their Mom is somewhere, but not in this world. Not in the grave. Nor in birthday events.

Except in their memories. 

So the robbery brings home the reality that their Mom is really physically gone forever.

In certain experiences of our lives, mentally, we know things to be true. Yet part of us don’t.

I think that part of us can be one of the most transforming places in the therapy hour.

That said, our loved one may be gone, but their memory need never die. When it comes to honoring the life of someone who passed, don’t limit your creativity!

Heal Your Memories, Change Your Life: Move on in Your Life to a Phenomenal Present and Future

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