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Make No One A Project

Make no one a project. You are your only project. 

Stop or refuse making your spouse your project. Nor is your child, friend, brother/sister, parent, or any other person.

Catch it deeply, dear. It’s life.  It’s health-giving.

Imelda “dances around” the life of her husband and children. They’re her center. 

Time came when all her children had to leave home and live their own lives. She broke down.

Time came too when she found her husband having an affair with his corporate treasurer. She again broke down, big time.

They’re her “projects.” The greatest chunk of her life has been for them. When they “left,” nothing is left of her.

Imelda missed leading her own life – her only true project. In the course of busily making others her project, she lost or neglected nurturing her self.

What a sad existence. What a sad recollection during therapy sessions.

In a 1971 book titled “Why Am I Afraid To Tell You Who I Am,” author John Powell presents a number of revelatory psychological truths.

In one, he advises not to let someone else determine who you are or what you think or how you feel.

Noted therapist/writer Karen Casey writes a self talk script in her book “Let Go Now:”

“I am my only project! Fully embracing this idea gives me so much freedom to do the many things I have been born to do. Others are in our lives for a reason, but they are not present as our works in progress.”

You are your only project. Make sure you grow and nurture it no matter the costs.


make no one a project

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