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Heal and Rebuild Now

Heal infidelity and rebuild trust NOW!

Nararanasan mo ba yung trauma na ito?

Infidelity. It’s a breaking of trust. Betrayal. A deepest cut.

Nothing compares to the pain of discovering your husband/wife/partner ay mayroong iba.

Have you and your partner been so overwhelmed, confused, at pakiramdam mo ay para kang malulunod?

You need to survive, heal, and move on!

That’s critical because infidelity can literally make or break your marriage.

The first choice for accomplishing this is to work with a therapist/counselor.

Why, you might ask, when you may just google or read books?

Because you’re human. Tao ka.

Because no one gets healed by information alone.

Because you need to truly experience recovery, not just know.

Yung authentic at malalim, hindi mababaw.

Otherwise, mas lalala pa o paulit-ulit lang ang sugat.

A lot of those who survive and thrive well after infidelity do so with professional help.

Psychotherapist/psychologist and author, Dr. Angelo Subida, could just be the right doctor/therapist to meet that need for you.

For almost 15 years, Dr. Subida has been doing psychotherapy with countless individuals/couples healing from infidelity and betrayal.

Nagsulat na rin sya tungkol dito in his books. And got featured with it on TV/radio/media such as GMA7, ABS CBN, TV5 etc

Dr. Subida helps heal both the person who suffers and the person who cheats as well as the pre/post wounds in the marriage and children.

In his past marriage before he got remarried, Dr. Subida also was confronted powerfully with infidelity, cheating, and betrayal (yes, doctors are not immune!).

Akala nya gumuho na ang mundo! Until such time that he realized.

Na may ibig sabihin pala ang nangyari. May kabuluhan at pakinabang.

That it can just be a stepping stone to a hidden gift.

So Dr. Subida’s psychotherapy for infidelity trauma blends clinical and real-life experiences in the trenches with profound counsel.

Dr. Subida has walked the walk.

And his psychotherapy healing process comes from his own deepest personal and professional journey.

A primary purpose of his work and this post is YOU, to help heal and save.

May naghihintay sa iyo na “secret treasures” in this journey of healing from the trauma of infidelity.

Don’t miss the gift!

Contact Dr. Subida to learn more or schedule an appointment via this FB page or 24/7 InfoText hotline +63 919.001.3197, or thru his web site

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