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A Poem To Heal for Couples

Betrayal strikes a deep and painful blow,
Leaving wounds that take time to mend and grow.
Infidelity can tear a heart apart,
Shattering trust and breaking love’s sweet art.

But healing is possible, with time and care,
And a psychotherapist who is there to share.
Through therapy’s gentle, guiding hand,
We can find our way to solid ground and stand.

A therapist can help us navigate the pain,
Teach us to forgive and love again.
They can help us find the strength within,
To heal the heart and let new love begin.

With time, the wounds will slowly start to heal,
And the heart can learn to trust and feel.
With patience, love, and understanding too,
We can find a way to start anew.

So let us seek the help we need,
To heal our hearts and plant new seeds.
With a therapist by our side,
We can find a love that will never hide.

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