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Good Trouble Versus Bad Trouble

Good trouble versus bad trouble.

Be a good troublemaker. Yes, it means not the bad kind.

For there is a difference between two kinds of trouble.

Marie has a husband who is a serial womanizer and wife-beater. 

All these years, she just endured the pain and injustice. She simply kept quiet.

She didn’t want to cause a mess by reporting him to the police. For the sake of the kids and financial security.

Marie suffered the consequences. She got cancer and a host of mental disorder symptoms. Her children became addicts.

All because she avoided good, necessary trials and challenges. 

Such as making her husband accountable and responsible. Such as doing what it takes to require him to go through personal rehabilitation. 

Such as seeking help from appropriate authorities, friends, and therapists for her self and children.

As Lloyd Meeker puts it, “What’s right is the point; what’s wrong is beside the point.”

Remember the difference between two kinds of trouble. Notice what’s right and what’s wrong. And take action.

I’m sure that many who got mistreated, abused, or victimized do not want their trauma perpetuated in their lives. 

Deep in their hearts, they do not wish the same thing extended or passed on to their children and next generations.

If you are one of those, the good news is that you are not a statistic. 

There are many things you can do to break the cycle, including braving to create healthy, necessary pressures to heal.

The goal of good trouble is health, righteousness, and wholeness.

“When you see something that is not right, not just, not fair, you have a moral obligation to say something. To do something. Never, ever, be afraid to make some noise and get in good, necessary trouble.”— John Lewis, U.S. Congressman and civil rights activist 


good trouble versus bad trouble

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