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Active Mind and Longevity

A key to longevity in life is maintaining an active mind. It’s “creative cure.’

I always notice the fact that those who live longer and better have this personal strength.

They begun, of course, since they were very young. In their homes or life experiences.

Often, the active mind has been nurtured over many years of practice and discipline.

active mind and longevity

Chess masters, for instance, are observed to live longer. A lot of them are seniors and still playing, even in their 80s.

I’ve a client who is a depressed senior for some time.

He used to be a chess player. But his mind is cluttered by worries and cares.

He has become prone to forget things and unable to concentrate. This creates panic.

When I gave him assignments to recover his chess playing and reading books on a regular basis, he started to “post gains” in his mental state.

He also started to re-discipline himself both physically and mentally when he joined a national tournament.

Noticeable too was how his newly regained active mind heightened his capacity to enjoy simple pleasures, like sights, sounds, smells, quiet companionship, child laughter etc.

Fortunately, his overall health improved faster. He’s back! 

And it happened when he chose to bring back his active mind.

After presenting a series of case histories, psychiatrist Dr. William Glasser concluded that most people, including “senile” ones, are cured with an active mind.

When they accept responsibilities assigned to them and are given opportunity to do some creative thinking, that’s when they begin to heal.

Elderly people can keep on learning. They can still believe they can memorize and remember.

Those who do are likely to keep mentally keen, which in turn may add years to one’s life span.

Yes, this is a secret sauce!

Active mind and longevity. They go together.





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