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Love Yourself To Heal Your Life

Love yourself to heal your life.

How do you think about yourself?

“Don’t doc! I’m not that pretty. I’m not that good you say I am!” blurts Imelda during our Skype session.

Thing is, it’s not a one-time comment she’d make in our work together. She’d repeatedly point that out over and over again in different ways.

Love yourself. Heal your life. Imelda struggles with that inner experience all throughout her life

Psychology says a large part of the problem comes from earlier (or, ancient!) childhood experiences with our parents.

It’s a very sensitive period. We often internalize what our parents do and say to us. 

We literally ingest the messages and images we get from our parents since childhood.

The way we think they thought of us. Or, more precisely, the way we think they treated us. It’s highly subjective.

That’s where and when we originally begin to get our mottos, scripts, and maps for our life choices.

That’s where and when you first develop a definition of yourself. 
Whether you love/like yourself or not, based on those original imprints.

In fairness to our fathers and mothers, I think I must say that children vary in their interpretation of what their parents say or do to them.

Some children are sturdy or stronger. Some attack or hit back. Others take the slightest disapproval or criticism as heavy rejection. Still others are the quiet, non-reacting types.

love yourself heal your life

This discussion all leads us to one essential point: it is from the business of our childhood that our love and liking of ourselves first take shape.

Habits are difficult to change. Including habits of thinking and feeling about ourselves.

Certainly a first step to love yourself to heal your life is to identify the roots. The beginnings.

And how it spills over into your present, especially when they thwart and limit yourself.

Then a logical next therapeutic step is to start a new habit – a life-giving habit of properly and kindly treating yourself.

Love yourself to heal your life.



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