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Fight When You’re Disoriented

Fight when you’re disoriented.

Since last year onwards, I’ve been witnessing a lot of my psychotherapy patients (including myself and family!) cave in at varying degrees of intensity due to the Covid pandemic.

I call it psychological disorientation. An altered mental state. It’s often accompanied by a variety of other symptoms, such as confusion, unable to think, and disrupted attention.

My patient, Wilma, says this:

“When Covid started last year, I talked less. I did less. I thought less. Just staring at the wall, sitting for hours. Times when I’d scream after watching the news on TV.”

fight when you’re disoriented

The thief of progressive disorientation was stealing Wilma’s drive to move forward. She had to want to fight it. And fortunately, she did.

Disorientation can easily replace one’s definitive living. That’s daily for a lot of people. The pandemic even increases their mental health issues and problems across all ages.

You could imagine how maddening the global situation has become. Not even money, health, or recreation during lockdowns and quarantines could fill the void.

Dr. Chuck Swindoll, in his book “Growing Strong In The Seasons of Life,” offers several pieces of practical advice when you’re dealing with personal disorientation.

  1. Make and cultivate a few very close friends.
  2. Stay in touch with people.
  3. Give of your self.
  4. Read widely.
  5. Exercise regularly and strenuously.
  6. Turn the TV off.
  7. Fight the rut of routine.
  8. Leave time for leisure.
  9. Have more fun.
  10. Take up a hobby or pastime that gets you outdoors.
  11. Don’t let your occupation enslave you.
  12. Eat less.
  13. Laugh more.
  14. Quit fussing.
  15. Encourage at least one person every day.
  16. Stop living for money.
  17. Plant a garden.
  18. Replace fake plants with real ones in your home.
  19. Trust God for something that seems impossible.
  20. Loosen up your intensity.
  21. Stop taking your self and your kids so seriously.
  22. Start today.

Fight when you’re disoriented.

There are always things you can do, including seeking professional help as the need arises.


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