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Focus In The Present

Learn to effectively focus in the present. To be “fully present” in the present. As Jim Elliott put it, “Wherever you are, be all there.” As you do, you learn a healing way of life. It supports the integration of your whole being. Marissa had a lot of “holdovers from the past.” She used to… Continue reading Focus In The Present

Why Family Therapy?

Why family therapy? Whether recognized or not, family therapy is essentially a part of a person’s life recovery and healing process.  Mental health has social roots. And family is basic. You deny or ignore it, you skip an important foundation. In the life of the family, each member contributes to its balance – overtly and… Continue reading Why Family Therapy?

Self Image and the Mind

Self-image and the mind go together. What you think about yourself in your mind shapes the way you live. Cecil Osborne, author of the book “The Art of Understanding Yourself,” writes: “The conscious and unconscious feelings you have about yourself constitute your self-image. This self-image you will act out in life. You will always tend… Continue reading Self Image and the Mind

Love Is The Medicine

Love is the medicine. Healing love in a birthday poem of a husband to his wife. Yes, during the Covid year 2020.  See how this healing love looks and feels like in the said poem: “A long time ago, I was a lonely man.  A very broken man. Walks were filled with tears flowing from… Continue reading Love Is The Medicine

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