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Questions to Ask When Anxious

You have questions to ask when anxious. 

Ask your self:

* Why am I fearful about my family, my future, my finances?
* Why am I nervous?
* Why can’t I sleep?
* Why do I have headaches?
* What are all the feelings I’m feeling?
* Do I feel guilty?
* Am I running away from something?
* What is really my problem?

Questions you ask your self bring clarity. They can help you calm your anxious mind.

Psychotherapy is in the business of asking the right questions for healing and change.

Wilma, for several sessions now on Skype, is struggling with her recurring panic anxiety moments.

She’s beset with a thousand anxieties.

She has varied difficulties, including sleeplessness, nervousness, difficulty in breathing, excessive sweating, headaches.

Her doctors find no illness in her body. Yet even with the slightest itch or pain in her body, she’d imagine cancer or dying. A case of building “mountains of molehills.”

With the worsening pandemic crisis, Wilma spends her days feeling so anxious about her health, her family, her finances.

She has become so preoccupied about what may happen in the future that she forgets to cope with the present. Her negative introspection is always holding her back.

In psychotherapy, Wilma is helped in deeper ways to answer the questions she needs to ask her self.

Simply asking the right questions or awareness of the presence of anxieties is not always enough though to heal. 

As psychotherapist and author, Cecil Osborne, explains,

“Many find that they need, first, awareness of the basic cause; second, acceptance of these emotions as valid and real at a feeling level and third, action. That is, they need to ‘talk out’ their feelings in a proper setting.”

Heal best, when you have questions to ask when anxious.


questions to ask when anxious

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