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Prepare For Possible Future Crisis

Nowadays, the call is to prepare for possible future crisis. We are living through a deadly global pandemic.

That’s just being plain realistic. Facing the facts as they are. To have a plan. To prepare. And to take action as we move along.

Mario crashed. He lacked enough cash to feed his family. He lost his job at the start of the pandemic. He missed saving.

Frightfully, he got sick with Covid himself (mild though it may be). His wife and two little kids went hungry. They had to depend on neighbors and government “ayuda.”

The flooding of the house where they live and surrounding places can be expected following heavy rains. Yet Mario also missed preparing for that.

Much unnecessary suffering is caused by lack of preparation. Forewarning. Forearming. To face inevitable realities and facts.

We save ourselves and loved ones considerable mental and emotional breakdowns by preplanning for possible future crisis.

Preplanning can be set in place if we are wise. For death, mental illness, marital separation, unemployment, fires, accidents, invasions, hospitalizations, bankruptcy, pandemics etc

Prepare for future possible crisis as events unfold. Many times, minutes count. 

As author Charles R. Sturge wrote,

“Thinking ahead with a deliberate cool head beats frantic scrambling in a state of emotional shock.”

A nurse based in UK was one of my online psychotherapy patients. She worked in the geriatrics department of a hospital where there’s constant exposure to deaths. 

Her daily “helping elderly, dying patients” was a sort of psychological preparation for her. 

She had an 80-year-old father whom she loved very much. She said one time that she’s not sure if she can take it if her father passes away.

Her father died. She survived. Her familiarity with geriatrics and deaths somewhat helped her in her grieving. It facilitated a healthy grief process for her without being overwhelmed.

She’s prepared enough for the crisis.


prepare for possible future crisis

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