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Solitude Is Not Loneliness

Solitude is not loneliness. Loneliness or solitude? Know the difference. Loneliness is at every age. No age bracket is immune from it. I got that from William Shakespeare. In his “The Seven Ages of Man.”  He depicted in his own way how loneliness is present from childhood to old age. Loneliness assumes a different form… Continue reading Solitude Is Not Loneliness

Temporary Escape Or Solution?

Temporary escape or solution? “Everyone has escapes,” writes Nancy Potts in her book “Living Between The Times.” “Some people overeat, others watch TV soap operas, become workaholics, enter on nonstop activities … try to dull the pain with alcohol or drugs. The possible ways to escape are endless. However, the end result is self-pity and… Continue reading Temporary Escape Or Solution?

The Past Does Not Define You

The past does not define you. Lady Gaga, whose real name is Stefani Germanotta, is a famous multi-awarded celebrity and icon in the music industry. She’s in the headlines just recently. Not about her latest song or concert. But about her past. And mental health. She said, “I was 19 years old and I was… Continue reading The Past Does Not Define You

Overcoming Financial Trauma, Part 2

Keep your perspective in overcoming financial trauma. Remember in my previous post, there’s a “therapeutic mantra” I introduced. “MONEY WILL NOT SOLVE ALL MY FINANCIAL PROBLEMS.” As William lied awake at night, he was racking his brain to figure out how he can pay his tons of debts. What more work he can do. What… Continue reading Overcoming Financial Trauma, Part 2

Overcoming Financial Trauma, Part 1

Nowadays, one of people’s greatest needs is overcoming financial trauma. Since Covid started last year, millions are losing their jobs or businesses. A lot of individuals and families, even governments, suffer serious financial losses. Financial PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) does happen. It’s when people are heavily plagued by feelings of stress, failure, and isolation surrounding… Continue reading Overcoming Financial Trauma, Part 1

Create Happiness Rather Than Chase It

Create happiness rather than chase it. A lot of people chase happiness. The constant mindset is, “I’ll be happy when _______.” It’s always a search for something outside. An external circumstance. All to make one feel happy. But this “chasing of happiness” in the external has never worked.  I learned this principle from therapist Jennifer… Continue reading Create Happiness Rather Than Chase It

Love and Emotional Problems

Love and emotional problems. Can you get the connection? There are many emotional problems involving love. When my first client in my practice came to see me, it’s a love-related emotional problem. Noel (not his real name) was suffering from severe depression.  His wife committed infidelity. It’s with one of their trusted employees in the… Continue reading Love and Emotional Problems

Heal Through Consequences

Heal through consequences. Consequences are those that happen to a person as a result of his or her choices. One type is “NATURAL CONSEQUENCES.” They happen to a person, say an addict or a violent freak. Out of his own accord or doing.  It means without any outside intervention, such as from family and friends. … Continue reading Heal Through Consequences

Our False Self Is A Cover-Up

Our false self is a cover-up. It’s a part of us, which is unauthentic and strained. Charles Finn, in describing our struggles with our false self, writes: “Don’t be fooled by me. Don’t be fooled by the face I wear. For I wear a mask, a thousand masks, masks that I’m afraid to take off,… Continue reading Our False Self Is A Cover-Up

Beware: Porn Kills You

Beware: Porn kills you. Porn thrills you. Then, it kills you. When it gets full-blown, it leads you to the grave. “I don’t want to do it anymore. I want to stop it. But I can’t choose and control it. I wanna die,” shared Rey, a married medical doctor of his many-years secret activity during… Continue reading Beware: Porn Kills You

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