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Don’t Let Pride Deceive Your Heart

Don’t let pride deceive your heart. “The pride of your heart has deceived you,” says Obadiah (1:3). What happens when good things or blessings in your life become sources of pride? How can pride deceive you? Psychopathology often comes from a proud heart. Paul, a long time patient, filed for financial bankruptcy in the middle… Continue reading Don’t Let Pride Deceive Your Heart

Be Careful Who You Marry or Love

Be careful who you marry or love. According to Facts and Rates for 2022 in over 115 studies: ”Almost 50 percent of all marriages in the United States will end in divorce or separation. Researchers estimate that 41 percent of all first marriages end in divorce.” That’s just one country, the United States, which places… Continue reading Be Careful Who You Marry or Love

Be Strong In Gentleness

Be strong in gentleness. Do not confuse gentleness with weakness. Gentleness plays a special, important role in relationships. In today’s culture, gentleness is seen as weakness. It’s a false idea. Reno got “strong.” He lashed out at his wife in anger – pointing fingers at her and highlighting her shortcomings – after feeling disrespected. He… Continue reading Be Strong In Gentleness

Be Willing To Be Able

Be willing to be able. Beth, one of my clients, once talked about her husband during our Zoom session, saying, “I have decided not to pursue therapy because it seems it will take a long time for Joe to change and I don’t think I can spend another 20 years waiting for that.” She’s pissed… Continue reading Be Willing To Be Able

How Do People Grow?

How do people grow? There is the story of a little girl passing by a garden. She saw a beautiful flower amid large amounts of dirt. She quickly picked it thinking that it’s too beautiful to be in the dirt. Upon reaching home, the girl washed the dirt away from the flower. But shortly thereafter,… Continue reading How Do People Grow?

Finish Your Life Well

Finish your life well. Psychologist Dr. William James once wrote, ”The great use of life is to spend it for something that will outlast it.” In my daily hours, I help people heal from their psychological and spiritual wounds. Both professionally and personally. It’s both an honor and privilege. For I’m a broken, imperfect, human… Continue reading Finish Your Life Well

Hope Amid Life-Threatening Disease

Hope amid life-threatening disease. I was reading the news awhile ago. When I stumbled upon a current medical update on Kris, which led me to write this post. Famous TV personality, Kris Aquino, 51, is in serious medical/physical disease. She’s pretty honest about it, updating all in the media. Latest medical report shows she’s suffering… Continue reading Hope Amid Life-Threatening Disease

Stop Judging Others

Stop judging others. It’s not the facts but the filter. “They’re greedy! Fuck them!” shouted Mina about her siblings after she asked them money again to pay her debts. She owed them much unpaid loans already. Mina instantly judged her siblings greedy, ignoring and misjudging the times they unselfishly helped and loaned to her. More… Continue reading Stop Judging Others

Overcome Your Fear Of Man

Mental health is to overcome your “fear of man.” Are you afraid of what man can do or say to you? Look at the signs: Fear of disapproval. Fear of rejection. Fear of criticism/judgment. Fear of betrayal. Fear of being cheated. Fear of loss of financial support. Fear of abandonment. Fear of loss of love/relationship.… Continue reading Overcome Your Fear Of Man

Are You A Lover Of Money?

Are you a lover of money? There is goodness in money. It’s a tool. But to be controlled by it is a curse. Imagine a person who is a “lover of money.” Instead of possessing money, the person is possessed by it. Both rich and poor can be ”lover of money.” Jim is a pastor.… Continue reading Are You A Lover Of Money?

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