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Psychotherapy Of Right Work

The psychotherapy of right work or livelihood means it’s more than money. 

Work needs to fit you and your talents. It needs to provide you with passion, meaning, and fulfillment.

Work that’s right for you is as important as the right food nutrients for your body. Or, the right shoes to wear for your feet.

Otherwise, you’re destined for misery. Boredom. Frustration. Addictions. Plus … a host of diffferent potential psychological disorders. 

I remember a job I took during my high school. I joined a company that recruits young people to sell Britannica Encyclopedia door to door.

Now there’s nothing wrong with that work. In fact, some of my batch mates clicked with it! 

Except that, in my case, I was painfully shy and basically introverted.

So I lasted only a few days. The work I first tried was an unnatural act for me. 

In one of my Skype therapy sessions, a Filipino nurse, Rizza, working in the UK, was sharing with me how she hates her job. She so dislikes it that she wants to die!

“How in the world did you survive Nursing school when you hate it?” I asked her.

She said,”My Mom forced me into it so that my aunt could support my studies and I’d earn money for the family someday by going overseas.”

The money is good doing nursing work overseas. And that somehow made it all right for her family.

The only catch is, Rizza’s heart is not in it. She’s dying to get out!

In her bestselling book, “Do What You Love, The Money Will Follow,” psychologist Dr. Marsha Sinetar writes,

“Right livelihood embodies its own psychology – a psychology of a person moving toward the fullest participation in life, a person growing in self awareness, trust, and high self esteem … Work is a way of being, an expression of love … and when you do, it will enable you to pay the bills and will richly reward you with a sense of meaningful participation in the one life you have.”

There it is, your psychotherapy of right work.


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